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Dollars and Sense: the basics of selling your property

Maximize potential: Your home is potentially your single largest asset. Protect this investment and your equity by getting a realistic maximum figure in a reasonable amount of time from the proceeds of its sale.

Choose a realtor who works to this bottom line – to get you the highest value in the best time frame – who is also a pleasure to know professionally. Choosing us, you can expect we will not only protect you financially, but shield you from headaches through flawless paperwork and documentation. We will perform the tasks required to bring the property to market and secure a sale so that you can finish the business that prompted you to sell in the first place – whether it’s a move up, a reinvestment, or a lifestyle change.

It takes just ONE buyer

It sounds simple enough – but prior to securing a buyer we will think it through and draw from decades of industry experience and plan a strategy before releasing it to the public. It’s important to get it right the first time and make the right first impression to thousands of potential buyers.

Target Market: Most likely buyer

We will position your home for maximum appeal to this market – whoever they may be. Families, singles, downsizing empty-nesters – buyer segments each carry their own identifiers and quirks, and the intelligence gathered through our years of experience and observation working with many types of buyers and sellers in real-world transactions is an advantage that can’t be replaced with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Who to woo? Don’t rely on assumptions. Let’s take a direction and action to woo the most worthwhile prospects. It’s our job to know them and position your property for their desires. Should the third bedroom be staged as an office or hotel-worthy guest quarters? Is a colony of garden gnomes in your flowerbed giving homebuyers the creeps?

It takes a pro to take an informed and objective view on your property – a place where there are understandably huge emotional ties given the time, memories, investment and care invested there.


What’s it worth? Pricing accounts for a number of factors. Getting it wrong can cost you time or money. We will collaborate with you on choosing a price based on facts and analysis of real data, as well as our objective sense of how buyers may respond to the opportunity.

Deciding on a price typically comes from a comparative market analysis (CMA). It’s a fancy way of saying we will help you compare the characteristics of your home to others on the market or those that have recently sold.

Avoid looking desperate. High expectations followed by regular intervals of price drops shows inexperience and desperation.  Get it right the first time. Together, we will arrive at the right figure, taking into consideration the following:

1. Facts and figures: It’s easy to pull up data regarding other properties’ square footage, lot location and size, bedrooms, bathrooms, age of construction or renovations and other features. But it takes insight to analyze and assess the context for a meaningful decision.

2. First impressions and lasting impressions: Curb appeal and market conditions provide an educated estimate of current property value. Is there costly maintenance? Is the condition okay or exceptional? Are your upgrades and flawless taste worth paying extra for, or are the improvements overly unique and likely to see a sledgehammer on possession day? Is the home a rare commodity with special features in high demand? What’s the highest and best use of the property?

3. Economic or environmental factors: Is there a change in the economy, interest rates, vacancy rates, or area infrastructure such as schools or transportation that make the area better or worse than the competition? Is the labor market or an employer drawing new residents into your community? Is there an investor market?


Fewer days on the market reduces stress, and knowing the equity in your hand versus mere speculation allows you to make real decisions about your next steps. Negotiating a possession date can enable a smooth transition out of your home.

Message to the masses: We can tweet, post and ‘like’ all day if you want, because spreading a marketing message requires a qualified audience in the largest possible quantity. But in spite of the explosion of social media, the MLS® is still by far the most effective venue for advertising, and where the majority of buyers find homes – estimated to be more than 75%.

Maximum exposure: In addition to MLS®, we are a creative crew with an active network of hundreds of contacts who trust our word. We have access to past partners and colleagues who are glad to do business with us again. Meanwhile, we’re not shy about dropping some dollars on a campaign that is remembered and acted upon. We use as many photos as allowed, and we are careful to craft a message persuasively so that it resonate with those who matter – buyers who hope for a home that can somehow solve a problem and make their life better.

What makes a rock-star Agent?

You can choose your best fit, but when it comes to partnering with a professional on a transaction that involves both your personal and business life, consider these attributes we strive to exemplify:

1. Energy and drive: Our passion for real estate makes our persistence natural. We genuinely enjoy every aspect of helping you.

2. Common sense courtesy: Expect fair, honest answers and open communication. We strive to extend courtesy to you through returning calls, completing documents, and arriving on time and prepared for face-to-face meetings. We respect ourselves, and it shows in how we treat our clients.

3. Compatible: We have numerous referrals because people like us for the value we bring as professionals, and we aim to make it the transaction pleasant. “Meshing” with people often simply means listening and working hard and being dedicated to understanding you. We’re more effective working as a tight team with our clients.

4. Marketing smarts. We will make a great case to buy to the best prospects. We will promote your home or property on websites all across the internet while paying attention to content such as details, descriptions, key words & phrases and images to best position your home. However, technology alone can’t and won't sell your home. Person-to-person contact provides the advantage every seller needs. For this reason, we will also actively promote your home and directly prospect potential buyers we know who have shown interest in a home like yours, and reach out to those individuals in our network with personal targeted campaigns.

Giving it a best shot:

Between the REALTOR® and the Homeowner, there are a number of smart steps we can both take to increase the potential for a sale.

1. Maximize the number of photos allowed and use the marketing power of those visuals to convey a lifestyle that’s better than the buyers’ current living situation. Provide details at a glance.

2. Prepare the home for sale – use the critical eye of those who want to find fault. Complete all repairs and touch-ups, remove clutter, and undertake necessary staging to showcase your home's best features or downplay shortcomings.

3. Agree to be flexible to showings and make a rapid exit. We recommend you be prepared to vacate when a showing is scheduled, sometimes on short notice. Consider your home a place of business until an offer is secured.

4. Be confident with the pricing where we avoid small and frequent price reductions through the course of the listing. Set fair pricing on target with a range buyers are willing to pay for the home and neighbourhood.

The home selling process:

1. Decide to sell: The reasoning and commitment behind your decision to sell will affect all other decisions you make and face during your home sale. Are you optimistically testing the market, or do you have a real or urgent reason to make a change in a specific time frame such as a change in family size, a relocation, or more?

2. Select an agent: Choose an agent who understands your motivation to sell and agrees with the rationale. Observe and get a sense for the realtor’s and the team’s integrity and professionalism.  Choose an agent with experience, determination and availability.  Make sure the agency has resources and connections to support you and your sale.

3. Price the property: A home is only worth what someone is willing to pay. Assessing a value starts with Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), and then selecting the best pricing strategy.

4. Prepare for first impressions: It is critical to get prospects through the front door, but keeping up charm by eliminating objections with a good case for buying is important as well. This is done through pre-inspections and knowing the answers to factual questions such as property taxes or measurements on the feature sheets. Ensure the best possible condition by removing clutter, cleaning, and staging.

5. Take it to market: Present your property with the best information in a positive and attractive way.  Push the information to the best and most logical outlet to get the right people viewing the home.

6. Manage the listing: This involves successfully communicating with you, the seller, and potential buyers during the time between marketing and negotiating.  A good agent will always be looking for feedback and new opportunities and will gather and share information to encourage and improve the selling process. While some agents may simply sit and wait for responses to the listing, we like to take meaningful action.

7. Offers and negotiations: Hooray! It’s a big step, but its far from over. As your agent, we will qualify the offer to ensure it is valid, and help you understand the positive and negative sides to the offer. From there we will ensure it is agreeable for both sides and act as the calm mediator where emotions can pull business off course. Communication, professionalism and consistency will sink or sail a successful close.  This is also the time you will understand the value of a licensed REALTOR®.

8. Managing the offer: You have a contract, but you have not yet sold your home! It is critical that the agent stays on task and continues to communicate, follow up on required administration, and doesn’t allow deadlines to slip.  A variety of people, dates, and documents must be managed to ensure your home continues to sell and closes on time.  As your agent we will actively engage in and coordinate with the buyers’ agent through appraisals, home inspections and more.

9. Close: Finally, the day has come!  Title is transferred, loans are signed, and keys are turned over. Your former abode is now to be enjoyed by new owners, and we are on track to find you a new home.