Buying Calgary Real Estate

Buying real estate is an exciting and a unique venture with paybacks on many levels
emotional, financial, and more. With decades of experience, we know our clients have been glad they purchased their home. But the rewards only happen when a buyer acts on good intelligence, a little bit of gut instinct, and knowledgeable support.

And that’s where we come in.

We believe an informed buyer is the most satisfied client. We are professionals and experts in real estate, but you are the decision-maker who needs facts checked and organized.



Step by Step Buying Guide

Knowing the next step in new territory is comforting. Take out the guesswork about your home-buying adventure with this clear path:

1. Industry Research. Whether you’re buying your first home, downsizing, or anywhere in between, it is important to know what you’re getting yourself into. There are many resources to assist you in gaining critical knowledge about the industry that will provide you with the home of your dreams. A few of these facets of information include…

Online resources: The internet is your best companion on this journey, apart from your NextBigMoveCalgary agents, of course. There is no shortage of information on the worldwide web, making it the perfect place to start the homebuying process!

Contact us! Apart from helping to answer any questions you may have regarding your personal research, our NextBigMoveCalgary agents can help you to understand the nitty gritty of the homebuying process, such as market trends and how a number of factors may affect your individual situation.

The McKinnon family - See whats out there


2. Meet with us. Upon selection of an agent to help guide you through the homebuying process, the first thing you should do is schedule a sit down meeting to discuss your options. In this meeting, you and your agent will discuss your options and assess your particular situation in relation to the current market. It is at this step that you and your realtor will discuss your goals and begin to formulate a plan to help make your dreams a reality!

Chris & Philana - Find a REALTOR®  who's right for you


3. Pre-Qualify: Knowing your Buying power is as easy as using an online calculator, but engaging an experienced Mortgage specialist will give you peace of mind that you have all required documentation for pre-approval and a clear picture of all expenses including property taxes, insurance and utilities. 

Rachel & Daniel - Arrange a mortgage


Karen & Angela - Figure out how much you can afford


4. Compare List Prices for homes in neighbourhoods you want to live in, and use our Advanced Search Engine to gain access to every MLS listing in every Community in Calgary & surrounding areas. It is important to keep your original goals in mind when you begin looking in order to narrow your search results and find homes that best suit your needs. If you have any questions at all regarding your home search, do not hesitate to consult your NextBigMoveCalgary agent; we will be with you every step of the way.

5. Schedule a showing from your search results with your agent or by using the "schedule showing" button on any listing. Your NextBigMoveCalgary agent will arrange the showing and answer any questions you may have regarding the buying process!

Karen &Angela - Decide what you want to buy


6. Writing an offer: Your NextBigMoveCalgary agent will guide you to submitting a strong offer that ensures your interests are protected, while helping you negotiate the best price, terms and conditions. We will do thorough market research to find out what similar homes have been selling for in the current market as well as the current value of your property in order to help you to choose an appropriate offer price. We will also be there to assist in recommending home inspectors or condo document reviewers.

7. Closing: You will need an experienced real estate lawyer to handle title transfer and to ensure that all funds are transferred to the sellers on time. NextBigMoveCalgary can recommend the top Calgary real estate lawyers to assist you in this critical step. It is at this step that you will meet with your lawyer to finalize and complete the transaction. There are many things to be considered at this point, including insurance, downpayments, movers, and mailing addresses, just to name a few. Your lawyer and NextBigMoveCalgary agent will be there with you through the whole process to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Rachel & Daniel - Adding a lawyer to your team


8. Possession day: All of your hard work has paid off ... Congratulations! Welcome to your new home. Before moving in, we will do a full walk-through of your new home with you to ensure that all terms and conditions have been met. If we find anything that disagrees with the contract terms, the seller will be notified and responsible for remedying the situation. 

The McKinnon family - Move in


NextBigMoveCalgary Buyers Agent fees: Free for home buyers

Enlisting the help of a NextBigMoveCalgary buyer’s agent is free to house hunters. Ultimately, there is no cost to you as a buyer because the seller pays all fees. Sellers agents however are obligated to negotiate in the best interest of the seller, so you want to have your own buyers agent representing you. We will earn our place at the negotiation table by offering you top notch service, support, and information.

Experience and knowledge.

With more than 50 years of combined experience, our brains are wired for this. Tap into the fact that we love homes, and the personal reward in seeing our clients become homeowners. Our work life in real estate spans several decades, where we have observed market spikes and dips, and have learned about each of our clients’ unique challenges with their living situation. Together we have resolved it by discovering a home that improves their life in a way that matters to them.

New Home Construction.

Our team has experience in new home sales, construction and sales management in both single family and multi family. We know the new home construction business inside out, and can be your biggest ally if you are considering a new build. Once the community is narrowed down, selecting the right builder based on your family's needs is a critical first step. We will assign a Team member that has the experience to guide you through the new home construction process.