The challenges in the Energy sector continue to be a hurdle for the Province, and rising interest rates affect affordability for new buyers entering the market place. But lets take a look at long term numbers to compare to years past:

-Business incorporation's were up 21.5% year over year as of October
-Net Migration to the Province is up 101% year over year (10,378) as of the end of the 2nd Quarter. This is the third largest growth in the Provinces.
- Manufacturing Sales is up 15.1% year over year as of September
- Wholesale trade is up 5.2% year over year as of September
- Employment was up 1.8% and unemployment was down .3% at the end of October
- At the end of August there were 40,100 jobs available in Alberta
- The average weekly earnings for an Albertan is over 14% higher than the average Canadian
- Cattle prices are up 6.9% and grain deliveries are up 13.8%
- Bank of Canada's interest rate is at 1.75% when it was only ten years ago that it was over 4%
We look forward to all that the future holds and will face it head on! 
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