5 Star Review: Steve was extremely helpful in helping us identify the best house that met our needs for a significant move (Montreal to Calgary). He was very accommodating, especially since the decision to do the house hunting trip only gave him a few hours advance notice. Even though the market was tight at the time of our visit, Steve was nevertheless able to secure a large number of visits which helped us get a better understanding of the market and allowed us, when we finally saw the house which met our needs, to quickly make the decision to move forward and make a compelling offer on the property. Working with Steve was truly a pleasure and should we ever have a requirement to buy / sell, I will not hesitate to call upon his professional services.

 In addition, Steve, through his past experience, has developed a very good understanding of build quality, the building code, so it was a treat to actually have a knowledgeable person who knew the reputation of various builders and help identify problems with certain properties. He also explored the entire breadth of available properties with me, which is something I truly appreciated. The process of preparing and submitting an offer via digital documents and signatures was a huge plus for me, as I was able to complete the sales process remotely from out of province after our offer was accepted. He was also instrumental in helping schedule a last minute home inspection to satisfy the seller's very short timeline condition. Finally, taking possession of the property was seamless, and he even brought some Jamaican beer to celebrate.
Steve isn't one of those real estate agents who wears expensive clothes, drives an expensive lease, and tries to sell you on something you don't really want or need. Rather, he is a down to earth individual who truly cares and loves what he does, listens to his clients needs, and then goes out of his way to try and accommodate them. It was truly a pleasure working with Steve ... Bryan D

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